January 14 - 20, 2019

Great New Items Available for the Season!
TMI and Les Chateax Catering Options for Super Bowl!
Now Available - Oat Milk - Great in Coffee, Cereal, Cooking, By the Glass
Winter Citrus Now In Season - Blood Oranges & Tangelos
Award Winning Santa Sofia Classic Wines from Verona


4oz Center Cut Pork Chop #95140: Simmer in a skillet with local apples and onion slices for great flavor.


White Shrimp 16/20 Shell On #11051: Offer a spicy shrimp special during cold winter months.

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LI Yukon Gold Chef Potatoes #98073

The Source: Produce Update
The Sweetest Fruit/Sweetness Index
Local Produce Flyer
Koppert Cress Product List
LI Organic Mushrooms
Winter Citrus
Lollipop Kale Sprouts
Roma Crunch Lettuce
Long Stem Strawberries (Valentines!)
Monthly Flyer
Polar Seltzer

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