The goal of the Great Local Restaurants Campaign is to join independent restaurants together in an effort
to preserve the unique and local flair of Long Island. A great local restaurant has a stellar staff that makes
every customer feel like they’re the only one in the restaurant. They use great local products that help
support the local economy. To learn more about who are the Great Local Restaurants, visit:
  • Minimum Requirement:
    Have to spend $125,000 with J.Kings per year.
  • Seasonal Adjustment Requirement:
    Have to spend $60,000 with J.Kings per year.

    Please consider J.Kings as your primary distributor.

    For more details on joining our Great Local Restaurants Campaign, please contact
    your J.Kings Business Development Consultant.


Access to an extensive marketing campaign that includes:

  • An extensive website that is getting over 2,500 hits a week, which your customers can view
    a profile of your restaurant, with links to your daily menus, holiday menus, website, as well
    as a prix fixe menu, if you choose to participate.
  • Website traffic reports that measures how many different people are visiting your menus,
    profiles, etc on the website so you can better tailor your marketing campaign.
  • Moving Billboards – trucks wrapped with listings of all the restaurants participating,
    provided by J.Kings free of charge, that receive thousands of viewers daily.